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I stumble and bumble my way into volleyball recruiting info, by MPG

so I don't think the equivalent of Dillon's WBB report would work. For example, I never see anything about prospects linked to ND before they commit.

I have more interest in volleyball as an observer than as a fan. My special interest is observing how Salima Rockwell builds a program as a first-time head coach. She has brought in an entire new staff (including video coordinator) and none of them have previous ND connections. She was left with a roster that didn't have enough players for a full practice and started building a new team. This also interests me because ND has also hired first-time head coaches in football, women's basketball, and swimming.

Coach Rockwell first came to my attention when she was the commentator on the NCAA championship broadcast last December. I had never watched that event before and thought that I learned more about the sport of volleyball, than I had from any of the other rare times when I watched volleyball telecasts. A month later, she became ND's new coach and I have been watching the program closely since then.