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SEC did have the most teams in the tourney, but not making by Domerduck

it to the Final 4 is not that big a surprise. Of the 7 teams, 3 were seeded Kentucky and Florida each #3 who lost in the Rd of 16 to a better seeded team and Arkansas #6 who lost to #3 seeded Oregon in Eugene in the round of 32, a match I attended. Their match record in the tourney was 8-7 and they have only had 12 appearances in the FInal 4 overall, 8 by Florida.

You are right they are investing more in women's sports. Not only Vball & soccer, but gymnastics and especially in softball. So getting their 1st WCVB championship in 2020 by Kentucky was big and having the most teams getting in the tourney this year does emphasize your point.

The ACC only had 4 teams get in the tourney so having 2 left is big. FSu fell short and Ga Tech followed form, but L'ville/Pitt are our headliners. The ACC match record is 9-2 and will be 10-3 as one of them heads into the final. Texas who currently is still in the Big 12 is their 1 left out of their 4 that qualified and are currently 7-3 in match record. The Big 10 and PAC12 each had 6 qualify and all but 1 (Colorado of the PAC12) were seeded with 2 ones, 2 twos, 2 threes, 1 four, 1 six, 1 seven, and 2 eights. Big 10 went 13-6 while the Pac 12 went 8-6.

It would be nice if the ACC starts getting 5 or more teams selected in hte tourney with the last two years long runs by Pitt & L'Ville. To me ACC Vball is at least as good as the SEC (at least until Texas is in their conference). MY guess is the PAC12 & Big 10 will be back next year.