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Texas 3-0, Xfring your top competitor's players in works! by Domerduck

They were led by AVCA NPOY senior Eggleston, but Nebraska xfr Akana from last year Finals team served the match point, the other Nebraska xfr Caffey led them in blocks, Skinner the xfr from 2020 NC Kentucky was 2nd to Eggleston in Kills, Utah xfr Ka'aha'aina-Torres led in Assists & 2nd in Digs while UCLA xfr Fleck led in Digs, Aces, and 2nd in Assists. Those 5 xfrs + the 4 Texas HS recruits (1 RS snr, 1 snr, 1 jnr, & 1 freshman) were the only ones who played any meaningful time for Texas. If you have the core buying your xfrs in through NIL may be the new strategy.

One thing for sure the Nebraska crowd was anti Texas for stealing their players as well as support Nebraska grad who is the L'ville coach. Little love for Texas except their fans.