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The SEC started helping women sports AFTER they paid by Domerduck

millions for their football coaches and facilities and built up men's other sports, mostly baseball and basketball. Because there is so much ridiculous football money when they dominated the BCS/CFP they started sharing the crumbs with the women.

On the other hand the PAC and ACC for years focused on the other sports where women athletes benefited across the board based on their conference preferences. ACC focused on soccer, basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, even fencing while the PAC teams focused on vball, softball, baseball, track/xcountry, swimming/diving, gymnastics, but also did well in basketball and soccer. You can see by counting their impressive # of NCAA championships in all those sports since title 9. The reason the Big10 and schools like Nebraska, PSU, and Texas got good in Vball was because they fully funded VBall scholarships to offset all the football scholarships with Title 9 which allowed them to compete with the good PAC & West Coast VB teams.

Now the SEC has piled in the leftover FB money for women sports and it will pay off over time, especially as you point out the ACC as well as the PAC12 can't keep up. Thx for the conversation.