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Day 3 ND keeps 13 pt lead over Princeton by Radi-skull

ND 159
Princeton 146
Columbia 130

ND 26
Princeton 24
Harvard 20
OSU 18

ND 26 and in 1st and 2nd with 13 each
Princeton 3rd and 5th with 13 and 11 pts

ND has H2H with princeton in Rnd 4 as well as OSU (number 4 individual Epee)
Princeton has H2H with Harvard (20 pts) in rnd 5

Princeton 24 pts; 1st and 4th
Columbia 21 pts; 3rd and 6th
Nd 20 pts; 2nd and 11th
Harvard 19 pts; 5th and 9th

ND took 3 of 4 in the H2H with Princeton to get back within 4; ND vs Columbia in rnd 4; Princeton vs Harvard in rnd 5

Princeton 21 pts; 1st and 9th
ND 19 pts; 7th and 11th
Harvard 18 pts; 3rd and 14th
Columbia 4th and 19th

ND vs Princeton in rnd 4; princeton vs Columbia rnd 5. ND also faces the #2 individual Saber (of Brandeis) in rnd 5