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The week after ND beat DeP in '78 E8, sectionmates & I... by Scoop80

played BB on FAU's outdoor courts most every day. It was part of our normal routine during spring break after being stuck inside all winter. Their 4 outdoor courts were the only courts on campus. I believe that the Boca High gym had the only indoor courts in the entire city of Boca Raton in the 70's. The HS where I finished in Boca opened its gym ca. 1981.

The idea that FAU now has as many F4 appearances as ND does boggles the mind. It's even more boggling than UF having 2 NCs and 5 F4 appearances. Given program norms/resources/traditions, FAU winning a NCAA regional in MSG is on an improbability scale w/ '69 Mets & 1980 Miracle on Ice. It simply isn't supposed to happen, despite the fact that this is an excellent team.

Today, Nova Southeastern capped a perfect season by wining the D-II title. Tomorrow, da U (whose BB program has accomplished more last 2 years than their FB team has accomplished in about 20 years) plays in E8. A Tri-County Trifecta like that is incomprehensible.

BTW, in 49 years, I can't ever recall any member of my family referring to FAU as "Florida Atlantic."