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A long-awaited breath of fresh air by SWPaDem

If the football team and the lady vballers are happy (we could certainly see that with the ladies), I think I'm going to be happy too. Shrewsberry seems genuinely thrilled to be here. I got to thinking this day would never come in my lifetime.

Change is good if for no other reason it's not the same damn thing that fell woefully short so many times.

I've always thought that basketball is different than just about every other team sport in that if you're playing the best players you've got (regardless of seniority) - and you spell them when you need to - they're going to achieve at a high level if you're emphasizing the fundamentals in practice, especially defense. And come gameday, let them play checkers and not some Mandarin version of four-dimensional chess punctuated by timeouts to slow down your own momentum.