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Yep by HTownND

But a lot of that was because of public opinion about players and owners.

I don't think you'll find anyone who's sympathetic towards Harper not having a deal, after he rejected a 10 year 300 million dollar deal.

This isn't owners colluding or anything else. In the eyes of the public, that's a guy turning down an absurdly generous contract.

Harper would have become only the second MLB player to eclipse the $300 million mark.

On an annual average value basis, the number of athletes averaging more than 30 million a year is small.

Zack Greinke (34M) - 6 years
David Price (31M) - 7 years
Miguel Cabrera (31M) - 8 years
Clayton Kershaw (31M) - 7 years
Max Scherzer (30M) - 7 years

In terms of baseball history, it would be the longest contract to average 30 million a year by 2 years.
Total value would only be eclipsed by Stanton at 325M over 13 years.

No one in the NFL would make more per year, and on top of the baseball players, here are the athletes that would be making more annually

Russell Westbrook (41M)
Steph Curry (40M)
James Harder (38M)
Blake Griffin (34M)

In total dollars, 10 years and 300 million would be the second largest contract in the history of the top 4 sports in the US

On a per year basis, it would be one of the top ten annual average value contracts in all of American sports.

In baseball it would be the second largest total value contract ever (behind Stanton) and would be tied for the fifth highest average annual value contract ever. Combined, it would be the longest contract to average 30 million a year.

And he turned it down flat and his agent said it wasn't close.

That stance isn't going to play well with Joe Q Public.