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The Big Win Tournament — Same as it Ever Was

[crowdsignal poll=10554578] As the old saying goes, if you come at the king, you best not miss. The 1978 win over DePaul to reach the Final Four … missed. And badly. My thanks to everyone who participated in our little COVID distraction here. Hopefully sometime in the next couple seasons we’ll get a win or…

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The Big Win Tournament — And Then There Were Two

Thirty-seven wins entered the dome back in April. Those wins represented the biggest Notre Dame men’s basketball program had achieved in the sport’s modern era. When I seeded the wins originally, I kinda figured two of them would stand above the rest. Your votes have confirmed my position, and today we will select between those…

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The Big Win Tournament — A Chalky Final Four

For those unfamiliar with the term, a tournament is said to be “chalk” when the favorites win. It goes back to horse racing, so I guess you can watch “The Sting” if you want to get a feel for it. Regardless, it’s an apt term for how this final week of the Big Win Tournament…

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