Friday, May 18, 2007

Practice progress?

A friend of mine was at the UND night for his ND club the other night, and a discussion of the Joyce Center plans were part of the presentation. In the words of Roscoe P. Coltrane, there's good news, boss.

For one, the athletic department has officially requested the North Dome of the JC be made an athletics-only facility, which will allow them not only to create the "building within a building" hockey facility they want but also will create enough space for quality practice facilities for both of the basketball and volleyball teams. From what was said, it appears each of the basketball teams will get their own facility while volleyball will share one (which they can do because their seasons do not overlap). This would also allow them to reclaim The Pit for weight training and other ancillary functions.

For two, at least for those of you who have advocated such a move, there's an effort underway to put at least part of the student section closer to the court. I'm still trying to run the details down (and will update this if I hear about them), but it certainly appears from this picture there's a more permanent concrete barrier (along with some vertical spacing) between the upper and lower sections.

Further bulletins as events warrant.


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