Thursday, June 28, 2007

Physicians, Heal Thyselves

I swear, there are times I believe the people who operate various Michigan fansites are committing fraud. They expect people to pay for their "knowledge", and yet they know just as little (if not less) about a lot of topics than their posters do. Why people shell out good money to listen to those people is beyond me.

The latest mewling concerns the potential (edit: now confirmed) verbal commitment of defensive lineman Ethan Johnson to Charlie Weis. Proving that there's no song like an old song, they've dredged up the same tired whine they used when Sam Young chose the Fighting Irish over the Wolverines -- guaranteed major admittance. According to them, ND has a recruiting advantage over Michigan because UM requires admittance to some of their programs of study after a year or two of matriculation over and above the decision that got you into Ann Arbor in the first place. ND, they complain, doesn't have that hurdle. Any ND football player can major in whatever he wants, and this creates some kind of shadow of wrongdoing or academic shortcutting on ND's part.

News flash, boys: that's available to every Notre Dame student. This isn't something dreamed up for the football players, and it's not any kind of academic corner-cutting. That would be a Kinesiology department, but that's a discussion for another day. Notre Dame doesn't require a selection process at the upperclass level for specific majors because their overall admissions process is more selective.

Now before any of the Maize and Blue faithful get their panties in a bunch, the difference is Michigan is a much larger school and, as such, admits a wider range of academic student as a result. Therefore, they need a secondary process to determine the best destination for the students once they're there. Same thing is true for any large state university, which is why a lot of those universities have those policies. Notre Dame, on the other hand, is smaller overall and with no state constituency involved, applies a harsher standard for overall admittance. Once the student is in South Bend, they're allowed to select whatever major suits their fancy.

Granted, there's still a weed-out process in the form of classroom performance. I know a lot of pre-med guys who, thanks to Organic Chemistry, wound up in MIS classes with yours truly. There's no guarantees once you're in the program. You still have to get the grades, and in that respect, ND football players are held to the same standard as everyone else. I know that because, unlike the peanut gallery who've never attended a class in South Bend, I was actually there and saw them do it.

But turning it into a "recruiting advantage" is the most odoriferous level of bullshit. "Michigan is not going to sell their standards at the B-school to get a recruit." Right. Instead, they're going to shuttle him into a meaningless major and then cease to care whether or not he gets his degree once he's in there. Now that's a standard to which we can all aspire.

Here's a hint, Skunkweasels: Worry a lot less about how recruits are admitted to whatever college within a university, and worry a lot more about how that 33 percent graduation rate for African American football players is making you look. Instead of jumping down Jim Harbaugh's throat for being disloyal, how about an actual effort to keep your players' noses to the grindstone? How about providing guidance to these players to ensure they not only select a meaningful major but also see the effort through to getting the sheepskin? If you're going to treat your athletes like meat, don't be shocked when some of them decide they want something better than the grinder.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

At this rate, I fully expect the University of Michigan to be swallowed up by a giant earthquake within a week. That's about the only way that things could be worse for them.

6/28/2007 12:41:00 PM  
Anonymous Michigan Fan said...

No, things would be a lot worse if Michigan had been crushed 47-21 by Notre Dame. But they weren't. Good thing.

6/28/2007 02:27:00 PM  
Blogger Robert said...

So why hasn't Navy used the same "recruiting tactic" to their advantage? They work in the same way (do not have to apply to various schools). You stay classy, scUM.

6/28/2007 02:39:00 PM  
Anonymous Beaver Destroyer said...

actually Michigan (douche) err fan, a good thing is when a coach like Ty freaking Willingham goes 2-1 against Carr. Hold onto that 47-21 debacle, I have a feeling that the recent juxtoposition of our two teams recruiting the last two seasons portend a very upset tummy for you for many years to come. Oh and we own the lead over the last decade of games.

Michigan: Never have so many been so proud of so little

6/28/2007 04:25:00 PM  
Anonymous UncleRico said...

Gotta love a "Michigan Man".

A poster from the Whore that is Ann Arbor, ignores the obvious and chooses to hang on to one shining moment.

Similar to the movie, 'TITANIC' where some flea-trodden skank sings on the bow of the boat as the rest of the vessel is underwater and , as a whole, continues to sink.

Attaboy winged-helmet guy.

6/29/2007 09:13:00 PM  

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