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Rules for the NDNation Forums

By posting to one of our message boards, you agree to the following:

  1. Posters must select a unique handle at registration and use it for all posts.  Use of multiple handles is prohibited and grounds for immediate dismissal.
  2. Email addresses used for registration cannot be those of free mailbox providers (Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.). We do not sell or otherwise reveal registration info to anyone, so you shouldn't have any concerns regarding spam.
  3. Registrations using ND email addresses must be made from an ND account, and registrations made from an ND account must use an ND email address.
  4. No airing of complaints against site administration decision or the Board Operators on the boards.  Those issues should be handled privately via email to the site operators.
  5. NDNation is not intended for use by children under the age of 18. By registering and/or posting, you are certifying to us that you are 18 years of age or older.
  6. Posters who falsify registration information will be removed immediately
  7. No posting of advertisements or links for products, services, or other web sites not related to ND athletics.
  8. No posting of advertisements or links for non-site items without authorization of the proprietors. This includes pimping your blog or website. It's not our job to send eyeballs to your site. If you produce quality stuff and develop a following, we'll let our people know.
  9. No obscene material or references.
  10. No blatant insults (e.g. "You're stupid") or name-calling. If you can't express your opinion without calling someone a name, you need to be on a different site.
  11. No mindless flaming or flame-baiting.  While dissenting opinions are certainly welcome and add to the character of the forums, posts whose purpose is solely to get a rise out of the forum participants are not permitted.
  12. Disagreements are inevitable on any discussion forum, but we expect you to keep things civil.  As a great man once said, "Rousting is expected, but pissing matches are subject to deletion.  If a roust goes past 10 lines it will be considered a pissing match.  Mindless insults (i.e."You Suck") are subject to deletion."
  13. No long subject lines.  If what you have to say takes more than a couple of words, put it in the MESSAGE box.
  14. No "messages" to players, recruits or potential recruits (e.g. "if so-and-so is reading this....").  This is not a forum to communicate with Notre Dame student athletes, future or otherwise.  Beyond the potential for NCAA violation, it's a waste of bandwidth because we have no idea whether or not a given player or recruit reads these boards.  We're not Hallmark here.
  15. As a corollary to this rule, the concept of "recruits read this board so talk nice" is not considered valid.  Recruits are not stupid.  A program that is in good shape will not be scuttled by negative opinions on a message board, and all the posted sunshine in the world will not counterbalance a program's rainy day.  Have faith in the intelligence of the young men and women that ND recruits for its athletic teams.
  16. No reproduction of pay-per-view or subscription site material.  Also, before you link to an article in a forum, check the Headlines page to make sure it hasn't already been linked.
  17. No private, unsolicited use of IP or email addresses found on this site.
  18. Soliciting personal information from board participants is the height of rudeness.  People will share what they want to share; the rest is their own business.
  19. People who claim special connection to any ND athletic program (former/current players, etc.) should expect some kind of vetting via the site administrators. Our users expect us to police this kind of thing thoroughly, and we do.
  20. Requests for tickets, questions about hotels, etc., should be relegated to the Marketplace board.
  21. Starting rumors in our forums is strictly prohibited.  Spreading rumors in our forums (within tasteful boundaries) is heartily encouraged.
  22. We expect posters to behave on this site in a manner consistent to the way they behave on other sites.  Bashing this site or its users elsewhere on the Internet while sucking up to those people while here is two-faced and weak.
  23. Posts regarding contact with ND players, coaches, or administrators outside of the field/court -- especially when those posts involve quoted or recounted conversations -- must be vetted by us prior to being put on the board, and we reserve the right to prohibit publication.
  24. Posts that utilize excessive "AOL chatspeak" or similar abbreviations/emoticons/etc. will be deleted without warning. We expect a higher level of communication by the users of this site. Spell words. Use punctuation. Express yourself intelligently -- this isn't junior high.
  25. "Perspective" posts are forbidden. Don't patronize the group with your personal moral about how there are more important matters in life than Notre Dame sporting events. It's insulting and unnecessary. Everyone here realizes the relative importance of sports.
  26. "There's nothing else to talk about" and "I was angry/frustrated/[insert other euphamism for pissed off here]" are never validations for posting anything.
  27. As an extension of the above, levels of intoxication are not a valid excuse for violations of protocol. You will be held just as responsible for your actions as you would sober.
  28. We do not permit speculation on personal issues pertaining to Notre Dame student athletes, including (but not limited to) transfer possibilities and injuries. The only people who would have factual knowledge on such topics would be the student athlete him or herself and his or her family, advisor, physician, etc. Since they're not available to participate in the conversation, any discussion that did take place would be worthless and without factual basis.
  29. From time to time, we will make our users aware of charitable efforts that are Notre Dame-related, usually something a former player is doing. That does not mean users can solicit here for their own charities or other efforts. Permission for such solicitation must be received from the site operators, and must involve a recognized charity.
  30. Site operators reserve the right to amend these rules at any time.

Violation of any of these rules will result in posts being deleted. Repeated or especially egregious violations will result in revocation of posting privileges.

Use of false information to register will also result in immediate banning. It also releases us from the release/reveal prohibition above, so count on us publishing any and all contact information used on any applicable board on the site.

Also, please be aware that this site is dedicated to coverage of and discussion about the athletic programs associated with the University of Notre Dame. As such, the vast majority of participants are Notre Dame fans who will probably not take kindly to negative opinions about the school or teams, no matter how well intentioned. Fans from other teams, both opponents and not, are certainly welcome here, but we want to make sure you understand the atmosphere of the group and have set your expectations accordingly.

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