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  • Back to Back

    Notre Dame completed the 2014-15 regular season with a 26-5 record. The record was 20-10 this season. The 2015 conference record was 14-4, third best in the ACC. It was 11-7 in 2016, good for fifth place. The 2014-15 season always felt like it was building to something substantial. The 2015-16 season had as many … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Rethinking 11-7

    2015-16 conventional wisdom considered the ACC weaker than usual, a conference with several good teams but no outstanding teams. Therefore Notre Dame’s 11-7 record was unimpressive, akin to 9-9 most seasons.

    Well, if the ACC is weaker than usual, college basketball is weaker than usual; and I don’t think that’s the case.

    We’re used to … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Good News!

    A surgeon walked into a hospital waiting room to meet with his patient’s family. “I have good news,” said the doctor. “All but one of your father’s organs are healthy enough to be transplanted into other patients.”

    Similarly, all but one of the Notre Dame basketball teams we saw throughout the 2015-16 season is good … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Trust The Process

    The final home game is a time for many things – time to honor the seniors and their families, time to thank the fans, time to make a final push in the conference standings, and time to reflect… time to reflect on the season’s goals and re-dedicate to achieving them, time to reflect on the … Full Notre Dame News Story

    What Went Wrong?

    Two weeks ago, Fighting Irish fans were excited about an eight day span that included home victories over North Carolina and Louisville and a road win at Clemson. A free pass to the ACC Tournament quarter-finals seemed certain, and Head Coach Mike Brey talked about finishing in first place for the regular season.

    Notre Dame … Full Notre Dame News Story