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  • Situational Analysis

    Esteemed Pit poster Kevin O’Neill (aka Kayo), sometimes reporter for Irish Sports Daily, put together his thoughts on the current situation with ND’s men’s basketball program and how best to improve it.

    Current Situation

    Notre Dame finds its basketball team sitting on a 15-5 overall record, 4-3 in the Big East. Its poor non-conference schedule … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Will Kelly’s Spread Offense Work at Notre Dame?

    See also: Brian Kelly and the Secret Sauce See also: Kelly and Leadership, Part I: Developing Players from the Inside Out

    (The Rock Report) – There has been a “lively” debate over whether a pass-first spread offense can work at Notre Dame, but one thing that became clear during the debate is that very few … Full Notre Dame News Story

    No Means No

    My mother is one of those social souls for whom exiting a party is three times the effort of entering. She’ll say she’s leaving, then run into someone on the way to the door. 10 minutes later, the process repeats. Eventually she finds her way out, but it usually involves half a tank of gas … Full Notre Dame News Story