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  • Very Interesting

    On February 5th, Notre Dame had 15 wins and 7 losses, 6 wins and 4 losses in the ACC. It wasn’t a bad season at that point. There was a reasonable path to the NCAA tournament, but there was work to do; and if the Irish could eliminate some repeating failures from the early part … Full Notre Dame News Story

    The Voices Are Back

    The voices have returned. So far they are asking questions instead of commanding me to do their bidding.

    What is the appropriate response when an opponent runs to a 15 point lead?

    In Purcell Pavillion, it’s DanceCam.

    Is there a number of opponent losses that makes rushing the court inappropriate?

    I’m sure there is, and … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Hesburgh Hospital

    It doesn’t feel like a year since Fr. Ted left us, but this anniversary gives you an opportunity to make a dream of his a reality.

    Social justice and care for those in need were always watchwords in Fr. Ted’s life.  In 1997, along with David Gaus, a 1984 ND graduate, he helped establish Andean … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Avon Calling *

    At forward, a 6’10” senior from Avon, Indiana, and Keough Hall… A.J. Burgett!

    After Burgett sat on the bench for all but 41 minutes of the 2015-16 season and played only 8 minutes in the first 8 conference games, I don’t think anyone saw that announcement coming.

    Burgett’s start in Sunday’s victory over Wake Forest … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Disaster Recovery

    In the business world, anticipating and planning for disasters is common practice. The business is logically separated into its components, and each part is assessed for likelihood of failure and impact of the loss. Businesses build redundancy for high impact components when possible, and they develop contingency plans for quickly replacing them if lost for … Full Notre Dame News Story