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  • The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    The games are raison d’être for a basketball team; but simultaneously, they are mere steps in the unfolding story of a season that begins in the summer and, in all but a handful of cases, ends with a tournament loss. Roles are determined early in the process. Some leaders are appointed while others emerge. The … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Ian to Miles Means Victory for Irish

    With two minutes remaining in a soggy Citrus Bowl, LSU seemed to have things well in hand.  They had overcome multiple special teams gaffes to take a three-point lead on kicker Jack Gonsoulin’s first made field goal of the game, Notre Dame’s offense had looked better stopping itself than accomplishing much, and the defense needed … Full Notre Dame News Story

    More Echoes from the End Zone

    In her first book three years ago, Lisa Kelly shared the thoughts and memories of Notre Dame football alums and and how the Notre Dame experience helped guide them through the shoals of life to satisfaction and success. Now she goes further in her new installment, The Men We Became: More Echoes from the End … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Winning Plays

    If you follow college basketball even a little, you know that the Notre Dame men’s basketball team won the Maui Classic tournament. Early season tournaments aren’t the biggest deal in the world, not compared to the NCAA Tournament or the ACC Tournament; but it’s a challenging format that is a good test of mettle as … Full Notre Dame News Story