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  • How Sweet It Is

    It took longer than I thought to come up with a title for this article … an article I’ve waited a very very long time to write.  Hell Yes seemed too trite.  About Damn Time too crotchety.  Happy in Pants?  Too unprofessional.  So I settled on Jackie Gleason’s favorite, because it seems the most fitting.… Full Notre Dame News Story

    The Prophet


    Disabuse yourself of any notion that criticizing the way a basketball player performed should be extrapolated to attitude and effort. If you don’t have the intellect to make that distinction, please stop reading now.

    The Prophet, Part 1

    If I heard Mike Brey say it once during the 2016-17 season, I heard it half … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Play ‘Em

    As the Madness that is March gets underway, and the Fighting Irish set their sights on a third straight Elite Eight appearance, it’s fun while awaiting the games to start to look around college basketball and see the people and programs making news.  For reasons that should become apparent quickly, one story captured my attention, … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Get That (poop) Out Of Here

    Duke’s 10-4 run in the last two and a half minutes of the ACC Championship game ended Notre Dame’s bid for its second title in three years.

    Each of the last three successful seasons had a different story of the season. Connaughton and Grant lead the way to an ACC Championship and an NCAA regional … Full Notre Dame News Story

    New and Improved

    Grammar fanatics say that “New and Improved” is an impossible condition. Don’t tell Mike Brey. His Fighting Irish are both.

    After losing four games in a row, Brey committed to playing a small lineup full time. That wasn’t new. Brey has used the small lineup as a change of pace throughout the season, but this … Full Notre Dame News Story