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  • Marketing Smoke and Mirrors

    As the college football season approaches, the Notre Dame marketing machine has shifted into high gear to trumpet an enhanced game day experience for its patrons. The Big Top in this three ring circus is Crossroads, a $400M conglomeration of stadium improvements, luxury boxes, classroom facilities, and a super-sized video board that promises to violate … Full Notre Dame News Story

    A Flash of Light

    ND fans know “Flash” Gordon not as a cheesy space hero, but as the outstanding outside linebacker who helped Notre Dame win the national title in 1988. Jimmy Johnson was no doubt a more formidable adversary than Ming the Merciless, but today, Flash takes on a tougher foe than both, and could use our help.… Full Notre Dame News Story

    Why We Mourn

    I only met him once.  But as many would tell you, once was enough.

    Some years back, I was asked to serve on a committee to organize a charity dinner in Chicago for Lou Holtz, Charlie Weis, and Ara Parseghian.  The thought was outreach via NDN could fill a couple tables, and I was happy … Full Notre Dame News Story

    Notre Dame Football Fall Primer

    As I’ve written before, Notre Dame is coming off a season of systematic failure. Strength and conditioning, defensive coaching, offensive coaching, special teams coaching, nutrition, team leadership and recruiting were all in various stages of dysfunction. In retrospect, 4-8 shouldn’t have surprised anyone, what should have surprised everyone is how such a storied program slid … Full Notre Dame News Story

    A Chart to Show the Way

    As Brian Kelly enters his eighth season, trying to extricate himself from the doldrums of 4-8, Irish fans wonder how he’s going to do it and who’s going to help him.

    The answers to those questions and much much more can be found in the South Bend Trib’s annual football preview issue.

    Meet the new … Full Notre Dame News Story