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Notes from the Geetar: Hath Spring Sprung?

It's been a while since I pulled out the pick and strummed, so I figured I'd give Mike Royko a break for a bit and bring back a little old-school NDN. If it's April and it's Notre Dame, the Blue-Gold game is right around the corner.  Well, the event with that name is, anyway, because it's certainly different than it used to be. Notre Dame's spring program has morphed from a standard three weeks of practice and a standard scrimmage to a two-month staggered schedule concluding with players running plays on a field under a scoring system that changes every year.

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This. This thing. Right here

The 85-scholarship limit the NCAA imposes sometimes leads to more than its fair share of brinksmanship.  Players chose to leave for whatever reason, recruits do or don't make their grades, spring football results in injuries, etc.

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First Team Out

Knowing the Irish were in the NCAA Tournament until Davidson grabbed its spot by upsetting Rhode Island in the Atlantic 10 championship game is, as Mike Brey said, another gut punch in a season of gut punches.

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Diagnose Before Attempting To Cure

Would a doctor treat symptoms without a diagnosis? Of course not. Would a mechanic repair a car’s engine before identifying what’s wrong? A good mechanic wouldn’t. Would a media pundit propose a fix to college basketball’s standards without articulating its problems? Of course they would. They’re meatheads.

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