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Height:  6' 4 Weight:  More than I'd Like lbs. Alumni Status:  ND'69(B.S., Aero. Eng.); Northwestern'73(Ph.D, Apl
Location:  Chatsworth. CA Favorite Baseball Team:  New York Yankees
Natural Enemies:  Coconuts that are people in disguise

Athletic Ability: In my youth, pretty good in the non-country club sports (baseball, football, basketball). The touch and bouyancy of a gorilla in the country club sports (golf, tennis, swimming).

Sartorial Style: Business during the week, lax on weekends. White socks reserved for athletic events.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: The many great wines of the world.

Political Philosophy: Moderate although I have been known to go slightly crazy if I think a stronger entity is taking unfair advantage of a weaker one. There are things that are legal and there are things that are right..

Religious Philosophy: Struggling Catholic

Musical Favorites: Anything and everything.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: In Lou's first year at ND, he was told that there were bowl representatives at one of the games. He asked "Were they lost?".

Miscellaneous Data: I have seen us win a national championship in '66, '77, and '88. I would prefer to see the next one while alive. Hopefully the boys won't disappoint me.

I am sure that my love for ND can only be described in medical terms from the field of mental illness. It has been this way since the age of cognizance of our team. My beautiful wife knows that I cannot be approached for 12 (and hopefully 14 in the near future) game days.