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Height:  5'9 Weight:  170 lbs. Alumni Status:  BAs- Economics & Philosophy. Dorm- Keenan.
Location:  Favorite Baseball Team:  The Rangers, as the only team I can see in person
Natural Enemies:  Communists.

Athletic Ability: Better than many my age; worse than most everyone else

Sartorial Style: Jeans and t-shirts.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: IBC root beer. If boozing, beer of all types: Kirin, Dixie, Warsteiner, Harp, etc.

Political Philosophy: Whatever word I use winds up meaning something other than I intend.

Our new Founding Fathers are apparently Hobbes, Rousseau, and Gramsci

Religious Philosophy: See Nicean Creed with Thomistic leanings.

Musical Favorites: George Jones, Lefty Frizzell, Conway Twitty, Porter Wagoner, Motown, most 80s rock, Mendelsohn, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, and The King.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: Save Jimmy Johnson's ass for me- Holtz

Miscellaneous Data: Comic books are a legitimate literary artform.

John Carpenter is a genius.

Professional wrestling was a dignified form of entertainment until about the year 2000.