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Height:  6' Weight:  230 lbs. Alumni Status:  Subway
Location:  Indy Favorite Baseball Team:  Cubs
Natural Enemies:  critics

Athletic Ability: Wicked chess player. Shoot a fair stick on the pool table. (Update. My skills in pool have faded to 'kinda sucky.')

Sartorial Style: I work out of the house so whatever is comfortable. Sweats. Jeans. Tees.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Bourbon. Most any kind

Political Philosophy: Right of middle, left of right.

Religious Philosophy: Born a Catholic. Considering starting my own religion. It appears to pay well.

Musical Favorites: Folk, classical.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: �Give me a lead of 14-0 at halftime and I will dictate the final score.�

Frank Leahy

Miscellaneous Data: Dad worked for ND for nearly 50 years. He gold-leafed the Dome in the 30s/40s/. I played sandlot football as a kid with 'spare' balls Frank Leahy gave him.

I have published a number of picture books (kids) two novels(so far) and am
working on a book set on ND's campus circa 1966.