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Height:  5'-11 1/2 Weight:  185 lbs. Alumni Status:  1995
Location:  Omaha Favorite Baseball Team:  St. Louis Cardinals
Natural Enemies:  Civil Works Project Managers

Athletic Ability: I can run if chased.

Sartorial Style: Engineer's plaid for work most days and then whatever the wife can stand that's still casual...

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Uisce bheatha whenever there are friends to imbibe with...

Political Philosophy: I'm not informed enough to have one but feel the government has a responsibility to the least of its citizens.

Religious Philosophy: To be the eyes, the ears, and the conscience of the creator of the universe.

Musical Favorites: I worked at WVFI but don't claim to have done a good job of keeping up on any kind of music scene since. I was surprised to find that The Dandy Warhols had much better music than that one song everyone heard of theirs.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: "We tell all of our men that the first and foremost requisite of a good football player is that he must have a burning desire to play the game. There is absolutely no substitute for this."

Miscellaneous Data: I took Latin in HS but still can't even remember what's on the ND shield.