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Height:  5'9 Weight:  155 lbs. Alumni Status:  1973
Location:  Favorite Baseball Team:  Dodgers (They still have Koufax, right?)
Natural Enemies:  All of my enemies are unnatural

Athletic Ability: If rock climbing and ice climbing count, I'm in. Otherwise, we're talking about history.

Sartorial Style: The professional look, pre- and post-business casual eras. Yeah - suits. At work. Otherwise, tee shirts, shorts, and fleece (that colder part of the year) are the wardrobe.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Beer - dark, from colored bottles. And wine - red, from colored bottles. Not often enough.

Political Philosophy: I detest Republicans who think that the environment is a giant toilet, that anything is okay if it's accompanied by a tax-cut, and that welfare sucks unless the deadbeats getting it are corporations. I detest Democrats who think that everything gets solved by more taxes and bureaucracy and that national defense is immoral. This causes me grave confusion whenever there's an election. I'm the ideal third party voter - so long as the platform bans profiteering, inefficient timber companies from building more useless roads and clear-cuts, and the Forest Service from ruling that rappel anchors are illegal "man-made structures" in wilderness areas.

Religious Philosophy: R.C. - always was and still am.

Musical Favorites: Warren Zevon and U-2. A close second is about 100 artists (except any "formerly known as") and groups. Zevon was a genius and a bridge. Okay, I'll add Springsteen.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: Hughie Devore - "The bastards have abandoned me", uttered while speaking into the wrong end of the receiver after calling the assistants in the press box upstairs. On the positive side, pretty much anything Jeff Jackson says.

Miscellaneous Data: Hockey goalies rule. Sport's finest combination of intelligence, courage, dedication, focus, etc., etc. So some of them (Roy, Brodeur, Belfour...) occasionally do something a little "off". It's the pressure........