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Height:  6' 2' Weight:  199.99999 lbs. Alumni Status:  Flanner
Location:  MD Favorite Baseball Team: 
Natural Enemies:  Quarterbacks who unsnap their chin strap after every play; anyone who has a, or is someone’s, “buddy.”

Athletic Ability: There was a time

Sartorial Style: When do you know you're too old for jeans?

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: VO dry Manhattans

Political Philosophy: Leave me alone

Religious Philosophy: Leave me alone

Musical Favorites: Anything prior to 1990 (except Luna and the Cranberries)

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: (Paraphrasing Digger after an NCAA Tournament win in the mid-80's answering a question from Jeff Jeffers) "This will be a great victory to talk about when we're sipping drinks and lounging around Mo-babe's pool this summer."

Miscellaneous Data: