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Height:  5'3 Weight:  lbs. Alumni Status:  SMC '98
Location:  Cary, NC Favorite Baseball Team: 
Natural Enemies:  mindless bureaucrats, white wine, hypocrites, chain restaurants

Athletic Ability: Sadly, I'm a much more proficient spectator than participant. I can sometimes still beat my son at HORSE.

Sartorial Style: Anything purple. Sundresses. And whatever makes my ass look great.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: All varieties of red wine. Everyday if possible. I also enjoy tea--hot tea in the winter and glorious sweet tea in the summer.

Political Philosophy: Leaning more Libertarian. Mostly, I can't stand the two-party system and how completely ineffective it has become. I think politicians should stop talking and actually do something from time to time.

Religious Philosophy: Trying to be a good Catholic but often failing miserably. I have recently rediscovered the sacrament of Reconciliation and that has been a good thing.

Musical Favorites: Springsteen, Johnny Cash, U2, REM, Broadway musicals, movie soundtracks and anything instrumental from Beethoven to Dave Brubeck

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: “Thing to do isn’t to punch ‘em…it isn’t to talk to ‘em. There is only one way you get respect and that is looking somebody in the eye for 60 minutes...go out there and hitch up your trouser and say ‘hey baby, here I am now, let me see you run through me now, let me see you show some disrespect to me when I’m nose on your nose, let me see what you think of me now that my face is to ya.’ We talk about respect and we’re talking about respect around the country, if there is one thing we want more than anything else and that’s respect.”
-Lou Holtz pregame 1986

Miscellaneous Data: One of many former band members. I played the piccolo and I'm married to a drum major who, most often, posts in the Pit. I also think that yummies are a necessity of life especially danish from the Dainty Maid Bakery.
A little family history...My grandfather worked at ND for 30 years. One of his jobs during the '50s was to run the scoreboard in the south end zone. He would usually take my dad with him. My dad has season tickets in the middle of the south end zone and they're still the best seats in Rock's House.