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Height:  5'10 Weight:  Yup lbs. Alumni Status:  Class of 2000
Location:  Petaluma, CA Favorite Baseball Team:  Washington Capitals. That’s right. Hockey.
Natural Enemies:  Management, Brian Kelly, and Jack Swarbrick

Athletic Ability: Par/Bogey/Birdie golfer for 15 holes then zip 3 tee shots OB. I can shoot a 75 or a 90. But I look good doing it.

Sartorial Style: Airline uniform, jeans, retro t-shirts, button down/polo shirts. Suits when I must. I live in flip flops to the max extent possible and have been known to wear hat, gloves, scarf, and flip flops in the cold.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: I am a Manhattan man. After that Bourbon. I also tend towards Zin and Cab on the wine spectrum. Beer wise I like them all except for the super dank IPA’s.

Political Philosophy: If you are left or right, you’re wrong.
Red and Blue combine to take my green.

Religious Philosophy: Christmas and Easter Catholic at this point. You should be able to look yourself in the mirror at the end of the day and honestly be able to say "I tried to do right by everyone today". Sometimes we are going to fail. Acknowledge this about yourself. I do.

Musical Favorites: Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, Reel Big Fish, Smashing Pumpkins, Van Halen. Practically anything on Sirius Lithium except for Toad the Wet Sprocket. I hate Toad the Wet Sprocket.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: Jimmy Johnson's ass is mine (or something to that effect)

Miscellaneous Data: I'm pretty awesome.
Back to flying the 757/767 which are still the best damn airplanes ever built and doing it from the left seat.
Marching Band Bass