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Height:  5'9 Weight:  175 lbs. Alumni Status:  Subway
Location:  Houston Favorite Baseball Team:  Cubs
Natural Enemies:  Mosquitos and Fire ants

Athletic Ability: HS Baseball

Sartorial Style: I have no style or class for that matter

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Shiner Bock
Not as often As I would like

Political Philosophy: Conservative

Religious Philosophy: Christian

Musical Favorites: Classic Rock

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: Lou about troubles: 90% of the people don't care the other 10% are glad you got them.
Weis.... Were are going to pound it

Miscellaneous Data: Born In Chicago
Lived in South Bend for 6 years
I have a Lou Holtz autographed Football
I can't stand Texas A & M (Most obnoxious Jumbotron I have ever heard is at kyle Field I hope I die before one goes up at ND)