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Height:  5'9 Weight:  200` lbs. Alumni Status:  ND 93
Location:  Seattle Favorite Baseball Team:  Cubs
Natural Enemies:  Dogs that shoot bees out of their mouths

Athletic Ability: Long snapping, getting in the way of defenders and marathon-style alcohol consumption on game days.

Sartorial Style:

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: In the words of Norm Peterson, "I'm feeling lucky tonight, just give me whatever comes out of that tap". Consumption frequency has declined with each promotion and the arrival of sons.

Political Philosophy:

Religious Philosophy:

Musical Favorites: Jimmy Buffet, Springsteen and Garden State Soundtrack

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: "When I arrived at Notre Dame, I didn't know how this team could ever lose a game. One season later and I still don't know". -The late, great Joe Moore after his first season as O-line coach, 1988.

Miscellaneous Data: