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Height:  6'3 Weight:  195 lbs. Alumni Status:  1985
Location:  Favorite Baseball Team:  1984 Detroit Tigers
Natural Enemies:  Wolverines

Athletic Ability: Physically: high school level; mentally: All-Pro (ha!)

Sartorial Style: Now that I've looked it up to find out what it means, I can answer that I'm business casual at work, worse at home

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Coors Light and Caffeine-free Diet Coke (not together). I just switched from Bud Light now that it is "foreign."

Nothing like a cold beer at a pre-game tailgater.

Political Philosophy: Two words: Ronald Reagan.

Religious Philosophy: Roman Catholic. Fortunately, successfully avoided the parish priest pedophile (I'm not joking) when I was in junior high.

Musical Favorites: Skewing more and more toward "today's Country." Dierks Bentley, Rodney Atkins, Kenny Chesney, etc. etc.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: Lou, on how to act in the endzone after scoring a touchdown: "Act like you've been there before and plan on getting there again."

Close second, Lou: "this ain't K-State"

Miscellaneous Data: Most important game of any season for which they appear on the schedule: those arrogant asses from Ann Arbor.

You call it maize, we call it corn.