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Height:  6'1 Weight:  225 lbs. Alumni Status:  '95 (Grace)
Location:  Jersey Shore / NYC Favorite Baseball Team:  2008 World Champion Phillies
Natural Enemies:  USC, BC, Duh U, Steve Superior, Neocons, DLC, Tony Perkins and those that hate Bill Rafftery

Athletic Ability: good golfer, was better than Ty-ger, want to get back to single digit handicap.

Sartorial Style: Yes, plenty.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Microbrews

Political Philosophy: F the 'Alt-right' and their apologists.

Religious Philosophy: Raised Catholic, but have many issues with today's Church and its leaders.

Musical Favorites: Everything but crap rap and twangy country

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: I've dreamed of coaching here and will return ND 'to its roots' of tough, smart players. [spoken by Kelly's replacement]

Miscellaneous Data: I wished I was a few inches taller, so I could've tried out for the Irish Guard in my time at ND. My liver thanks God for not being 6'3".