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Height:  6'0 Weight:  220 lbs. Alumni Status:  Cavanaugh, Class of 1991
Location:  Chicagoland Favorite Baseball Team:  White Sox / Phillies
Natural Enemies:  Myriad

Athletic Ability: Confirmed couch potato with the small-motor skills of a spastic ferret.

Sartorial Style: Does "off the rack" qualify?

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Assorted varietals of Irish whiskey

Political Philosophy: I consider myself a conservative independent. I believe that, other than national defense, governmental programs are best run at the state level given that state governments are closer to and understand better the needs of their constituents. I believe in the free markets, but acknowledge that people have duties of both common decency to one another and to help those in need. I believe that government should be run based on common sense rather than on devotion to party ideology.

"Turning the Christian maxim on its head, tribal partisanship is about hating the sinner, not the sin — the sin may be useful, after all, in the right hands." Kevin Williamson

"There’s more to citizenship than voting, and partisanship is not patriotism. If casting a vote is all you have in you, then, fine — by all means, do what you believe to be best. But consider the possibility that the duty of the patriot in these times is not to choose one pack of jackals because it looks a little less hungry and vicious than the other pack of jackals but to oppose these jackals — these demagogues, profiteers, and hangers-on, these greasy little salesmen trying to sell you something that is already yours — and to insist that the free and self-governing men and women of this struggling republic deserve better than what is on offer. We can have better than what we have had because we can be better than what we have been."

"The framers of the Constitution knew that We the People cannot be trusted very long or very far, which is why the most important of our liberties — freedom of speech, of the press, of religion, to keep and bear arms — were put in the Bill of Rights, placing them beyond the reach of mere democratic majorities. We the People need to be told “No!” pretty often and “Hell, no!” from time to time. Every time a populist initiative strips away some layer of insulation keeping the People from exercising direct power, it also strips away some layer of insulation protecting the People from having direct power exercised on them. Populism means government modeled on Twitter."

"The chance to enjoy the gross pleasures of recreational cruelty is also why we exaggerate the vices of our political opponents — if they are beastly horribles, then we not only are liberated from feeling guilty about hurting them, we get to feel positively righteous about it."

If your worldview offers people no place to see themselves, they will reject it and find another one.
Jim Geraghty

Religious Philosophy: Semi-lapsed Catholic. Although I have a number of problems with the Catholic Church and the way it's run, I have no reason to believe that any other Church is any better. I believe in God, not organized religion.

Musical Favorites: Nothing anyone here would find provocative.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach:

Miscellaneous Data: The greatest thing about being a sociopath is everything feels like a victimless crime.