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Height:  6'4 Weight:  220 lbs. Alumni Status:  89 BA - 92 JD
Location:  Traverse City MI Favorite Baseball Team:  Tigers
Natural Enemies:  MADD, AA, Diets, PETA, Wolverines

Athletic Ability: Strong to Quite Strong

Sartorial Style: Cowboy boots, mechanics shirt, jeans, cowboy hat.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Jameson's Irish Whiskey. Frequent to Quite Frequent

Political Philosophy: pass

Religious Philosophy: RC - olde school RC.

Musical Favorites: 'Mats, John Cash, Beat Farmer, Uncle Tupelo, DBT, 2 Cow Garage, Lonesome Spurs, Cheap Trick, The Pleasure Barons, Willie Nelson, AC/DC, The Bottlerockets, Buck Owens, Clash, Dropkick Murphys, Gear Daddies, Jason Isbell, The Minutemen, The Erik Huey Rolling Blunder Review.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: "A school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a medieval study hall." Frank Leahy / Notre Dame

"Show me a good and gracious loser, and I'll show you a failure." Knute Rockne / Notre Dame

"The only qualifications for a lineman are to be big and dumb. To be a back, you only have to be dumb." Knute Rockne / Notre Dame

"It isn't necessary to see a good tackle. You can hear it." Knute Rockne / Notre Dame

"I've found that prayers work best when you have big players." Knute Rockne / Notre Dame

There are two kinds of people in the world, Notre Dame lovers and Notre Dame haters. And, quite frankly, they're both a pain in the ass.
-Dan Devine, former Notre Dame football coach

Miscellaneous Data: Eddie was, in fact, a towel-man.