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Height:  6-2 Weight:  too many lbs. Alumni Status:  Son is Class of 2017
Location:  Fishers, IN Favorite Baseball Team:  Cleveland Indians
Natural Enemies:  Zippy the Rat (err Kangaroo)

Athletic Ability: Minimal and aging fast

Sartorial Style: Would be a lot better if I lost 50 pounds

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper - yeah that's weak.

Political Philosophy: Moderate to lean left

Religious Philosophy: Church going Catholic who should be more serious about it.

Musical Favorites: Motown, Elton John,

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: "You save Jimmy Johnson's ass for me"

Miscellaneous Data: Youngstown born and raised. Proud Penguin. Subway alum blessed to have son as part of ND Class of 2017. Scarred Cleveland sports fan who can never relax even if his team is up 3 touchdowns with 3 minutes to play (no - I'm talking about ND, not the Browns (who are never up 3 touchdowns)