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Height:  5'7 Weight:  175 lbs. Alumni Status:  Subway
Location:  New York, NY Favorite Baseball Team:  Mets
Natural Enemies:  Six-fingered men, assholes

Athletic Ability: It's there...somewhere.

Sartorial Style: Gap. And I don't care what you think of that.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Whiskey, Beer (all kinds except for Miller Lite and Coors Light, they taste like I'm eating hay), Red wine

Political Philosophy: Like most here.

Religious Philosophy: Catholic

Musical Favorites: The Boss, Rolling Stones, Allman Brothers, Sublime, Beach Boys, Steve Winwood, Tom Petty

Phil Collins

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: Let's go kick some ass! (Never actually heard a coach say this, but I'm sure one of them has somewhere along the line)

Miscellaneous Data: Holy Cross grad, so I hate BC as much as you do.

I want to put in something witty, it's just that I'm not that funny.