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Height:  5'9 Weight:  170 lbs. Alumni Status:  U. of Kansas '92
Location:  KC Favorite Baseball Team:  KC Royals
Natural Enemies:  Trojans and Wolverines

Athletic Ability: I would have killed to have been 6'4", but I fear I would have ruled the world and God needed to keep me humble. Unfortunately 5'9" guys are role players.

True story: I'm a junior 2nd stringer practicing against first team offense. I'm a 155lb linebacker and I step up on a trap play to take on our 235lb fullback (who was a blue chipper and played in the NFL). He's big, strong, powerful, and fast and he completely stones me, totally lays me out and I see stars...I'm hurting and hurting bad. I slowly begin to get up to catch a glimpse of two assistant coaches and the trainer heading my way. When they get to me they don't stop and continue on a few more yards to check on our star fullback who basically has a small hang nail that needed attention. At that moment, I knew I was not getting a football scholarship to ND.

Sartorial Style: At work: suit and tie (it's my uniform, just like parochial grade school)
Weekends: Jeans and sweaters

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: I really like a local German brewery called KC Bier...really good pilsner as well as a Kolsch

Political Philosophy: Might makes right

Religious Philosophy: Be a Catholic 168 hours per week, not just for the hour on Sunday.

Musical Favorites: U2, Killers, Black Keys, and Foo Fighters

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: Don't tell people your problems: 20% don't care, 80% are glad you've got 'em.

Lou Holtz

Tough times never last, but tough people do

Tony Severino (Rockhurst High)

Miscellaneous Data: I take my son to a ND game each year. Michigan in '10, SC in '11, and Michigan in 2012. We always have a good time, with him watching the pre-game walk, pre-game warm-ups, the F-16 flyover, and mostly the game. This year was highlighted by David Robinson not only taking a moment to take a picture with him, but actually taking five minutes in a one on one moment because my son had a broken hand from football. Robinson spoke with him about his own injury and the importance of knowing that it will come back.. He wrote out his name, jersey #, and a verse from the Bible on his cast so imagine what his day at school was moments like this always happen at ND it would seem.