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Height:  6'2 Weight:  185 lbs. Alumni Status:  1995 Undergrad
Location:  Nothern Virginia Favorite Baseball Team:  Cubs
Natural Enemies:  1. Penn State 2. Penn State 3. Penn State

Athletic Ability: 3 Sport High School Varsity Athlete (Soccer, Basketball, Baseball)

Wyomissing Area High School (Wyomissing, PA)

Offered by Craig Antush to play baseball at Marshall.

Sartorial Style:

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Fat Tire.

Political Philosophy: Just use common sense.

Religious Philosophy: Treat people as you would like to be treated.

Musical Favorites: Embarrassed to say...I pretty much like everything. Secretly the USC fight song. I know...pathetic

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: Lou Holtz "Don't tell your problems to people; eighty percent don't care; and the other twenty percent are glad you have them."

Miscellaneous Data: Son Brady (born 2006), named after Brady Quinn.
Living with multiple back surgeries (brutal)
Lived in Flanner all 4 years
Work for Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc. in Bethesda, MD