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Height:  5' 10 Weight:  199 lbs. Alumni Status:  1965 BA English (NROTC Regular)
Location:  Virginia Beach, VA Favorite Baseball Team:  New York Giants (When Willie Mays was there.)
Natural Enemies:  Self centered phonies

Athletic Ability: High School Football, Basketball and Baseball.

Interhall and NROTC basketball. Navy basketball (fleet)

I can no longer run faster than my oldest (female)grandchild.

Sartorial Style: Khaki trousers, long sleeved shirt and tie at work.

I have several dress suits, all less than 15 years old. (Obtained since USN retirement)
Usually jeans and t-shirts/sweat shirts.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Beer, almost any. It usually depends on where I am and what's available.

I remember Amstell Light was big in Bahrain in the late 80's and I favored White Russians way back in the day.

Political Philosophy: This is a tough one. I believe in a split legislative and executive branch (ie one Democrat, one Republican.)
Most of my Social and Financial positions would probably be considered Conservative however, I don't think our Conservative party (Republican?)believes all men are created equal. I believe they think (in the words of George Orwell,) "Some animals are more equal than others." I disagree and thereby usually find myself voting for whom I think is the best man (woman)come election time.
I really liked Hamilton and Lincoln and, of course, Washington.

Religious Philosophy: My parents were not raised Catholic but converted prior to marriage. I am a second generation Roman Catholic, brought up in the Latin Mass but comfortable with most of the Vatican II changes.
I am pretty good at most of the rituals, and most of the ten commandments, and most of the sacrements but I am weak on confession and weak on enough sins to worry myself at times about my ultimate destination.

Musical Favorites: I can't sing or play a lick but love music.

I can listen to everything from Reggae to classic but usually end up with smooth jazz, urban contemporary or soul.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: Ara Parseghian-"I will promise you this. The team will be in good condition, well prepared and ready to play." A paraphrase from his first talk to the student body upon taking over from Kuharich/Devore prior to the 1964 football season.

Charlie Weis-Almost everything he says is good. He will probably be a gold mine of quotes in future years as, yet to be born, ND fans look back on this era

Miscellaneous Data: I've been a lurker on this board since before O'Leary was hired and have enjoyed Rock's House, The Backroom, and The Pit especially. The corporate knowledge available from posters is awesome, in the truest sense of the word; and many times a source of insights, or humor, or knowledge which is inspiring and good for morale. I think SEE and CASH and JVAN, and EL KABONG do a ridiculously good job, in fact, I think we should double their pay.