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Height:  4'2 Weight:  349.475 lbs. Alumni Status:  As a 60's denizen of Zahm, I never had any
Location:  Favorite Baseball Team:  Brooklyn Dodgers
Natural Enemies:  Pretentious, porcine, political prognosticators

Athletic Ability: Bowling average: 180 (right handed), 125 (left handed), 17 (with the standard 12 Guinness handicap)

Motorcycling: 15K+ miles per year of long distance riding (better therapy than a shrink, expensive scotch or fast women)

Sartorial Style: Goateed, t-shirted & shorts-n-sandal wearing. Any other apparel in my tropical digs would be folly.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Guinness 24/7; red wine (cabernets, merlots, bourdeaux) with meals; Spanish brandies with cigars.

Political Philosophy: thpt!

Religious Philosophy: Lapsing as I'm still living off my banked, good-grace account from 16+ years of daily masses during my travels through (travails in?) the American parochial school system. I claim extra credit for massive swilling of church wine during the mid 60s and multiple charitable purchases of pagan babies in elementary school in the 50s.

Musical Favorites: Tres catholique.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: "I'll take the 1.8 million, Kevin."

Miscellaneous Data: Heretofore Top Secret ORCON LIMDIS imagery of board ops monitoring football season post game board meltdowns and national Letter of Intent signing day.