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Height:  6' 0 Weight:  Unknown lbs. Alumni Status:  BS 96
Location:  Northwest of Boston Favorite Baseball Team:  Red Sox
Natural Enemies:  Anything yankee related; Smokers and those who enable them

Athletic Ability: I like to think I'm a pretty good athlete. I can run a ten minute mile, beat young children at tennis, and shoot in the low hundreds on the golf course.

Sartorial Style: Since the start of the pandemic, it has mostly been joggers and a quarter zip. Or joggers and a jacket and tie if I'm trying to look presentable over Zoom.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Rum

Political Philosophy: Politicians suck.

Religious Philosophy: Requires a long answer, so I'll go short - I'm Catholic; I'll let you know when the Church does something I disagree with... until such time, assume I agree with the Church's position

Musical Favorites: Fire Pit rock - it's a little like Yacht Rock, but less party.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: "I'm leaving" - Brian Kelly

Miscellaneous Data: Phosphofructokinase and Interleuken II