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Height:  5-5 Weight:  A lot less than Rudy lbs. Alumni Status:  ND graduate student 1992-2000
Location:  Pittsburgh Favorite Baseball Team:  Baseball bores me. Only good as an excuse to sit in the sun and get wasted. 100 times better than soccer, though.
Natural Enemies:  Fans who think ND should always pass on 1st and 10. Fans who think ND should always pass on 2nd and 6. Fans who think ND should always pass on 3rd and 2.

Athletic Ability: Played "bench" for my tiny Catholic high school's 8 man football team. To paraphrase Ernest Thayer and Linus from Peanuts: Some of us are just patrons of the game.

Sartorial Style: I haven't worn Birkenstocks in nearly two decades. Really. Anyway whatever clothes I wear these days are now usually covered in baby food (or worse), as I'm a stay-at-home dad.

I almost always wear a baseball cap. Not because I'm a prole (although I am) but because I get migraines from even a couple minutes of full sunlight to my eyes.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: These days mostly light red wines. Beer tastes worse and worse as I get older.

I no longer drink during ND football and basketball games--at least not until the Irish are so far ahead that a loss is literally impossible. Alcohol just intensifies my anger when we lose. After Weis lost to North Carolina I was in such a rage that I damn near sliced off my thumb on a knife while doing dishes. My wife had to drive me to the emergency room to get stitches while the ND friends we had over for the game stayed to watch our young son.

Political Philosophy: Democrat.

I was once a hard-core activist liberal (that's the double-meaning of my handle, which dates to Tom Schlidt's original ND board).

In recent years I've become more middle-of-the road, at least on some economic issues.

Religious Philosophy: Catholic

Musical Favorites: 80s, early 90s "progressive" music (U2, REM, Indigo Girls, etc) and folk rock. I dislike 70s "classic rock" (God, was there ever a more pretentious genre title?), rap, and country.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: "It makes you tough. It controls tempo. It protects your defense. It demoralizes your opponent. Do you want more?" -- Holtz (from memory, may not be exact) after a reporter asked why his offense was run-first.

Miscellaneous Data: Run the f'ing ball, Kelly.