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Height:  6'2 Weight:  180 lbs. Alumni Status:  Not a Domer
Location:  Dallas, TX in body; Tuscaloosa in spirit Favorite Baseball Team:  Whoever is playing the Braves
Natural Enemies:  Sycophants; convergent thinkers; Tigers (generally - jury's out on Mizzou).

Athletic Ability: Armchair OC

Sartorial Style:

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Whatever, whenever

Political Philosophy: Economically: ardent supply-sider
Socially: generally libertarian
Internationally: hawkish + politics stops at the water's edge

Religious Philosophy: Methodist; erstwhile Episcopalian. "Better to act like a Christian than just to talk like one."

Musical Favorites: U2; Million Dollar Band ($ indexed to 1927); Old 97s; whoever is playing at House of Blues

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: "If you were there, no explanation is necessary. If you weren't, no explanation is satisfactory." Lou Holtz

Miscellaneous Data: Roll Tide, and Shake Down the Thunder...