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Height:  Weight:  lbs. Alumni Status:  Yes
Location:  Chicago suburbs Favorite Baseball Team:  Detroit Tigers
Natural Enemies:  Pharisees, Clowns, Harlequins, Candy Corn, Wind Chimes, Theocrats, Fundy-cons, Anagrams, Googlegangers, Nutella, BIKE Shorts, Calliopes, Jarts, Baggo, Butterscotch

Athletic Ability: Fantasy football.

Sartorial Style: Pajamas and cheetos.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Occasional flagon of Rhenish, other fruits of the vine.

Political Philosophy: ☚ ☛ ☜ ☝ ☞ ☟
USA > ☭

Religious Philosophy: ☪☮⚥✡☥☯✝

Musical Favorites: Downbeat songs with an upbeat melody.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: Least favorite quote: "You have to be realistic" -- Bob Davie My Response: I don't have to be realistic...your job is to make my f'ing dreams come true.

Miscellaneous Data: 1st generation Domer married to 3rd generation Domer.