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Height:  6'3 Weight:  uh huh. lbs. Alumni Status:  1997
Location:  Below Pittsburgh (near Waynesburg, PA) Favorite Baseball Team:  Let's talk about hockey, please.
Natural Enemies:  Cheaters, quitters, and frequently, myself.

Athletic Ability: Ruptured my Achilles tendon playing basketball last year in the quixotic belief that I still got it. I don't.

Sartorial Style: Jeans and t-shirt. Dad clothes to the office (plaid shirts and pique polos).

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: I'm on a Saison kick lately.
IPA--NE and Hazy IPAs
Wheat--Weihenstephaner St. Vitus Weizenbock
Everyday Lager--Sierra Oktoberfest
Stouts--Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout or Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout
I like beer.

Political Philosophy: (2019) - I'm down about our prospects, and I'm pessimistic about our future. I used to believe that Americans generally, over time, made the right decisions. I was wrong. Get me off of this boat, please.

Religious Philosophy: Thomism--I'm Catholic (with a minor in Latin to boot).

Musical Favorites: U2, Frank Sinatra, Crowded House, The Beautiful South, and 80's music. Oh, and Bach.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: "The problem with having a sense of humor is often that people you use it on aren't in a very good mood" - Lou Holtz

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