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Height:  6'0 Weight:  250 lbs. Alumni Status:  MBA '08
Location:  Seattle, WA (hence the handle) Favorite Baseball Team:  Mariners
Natural Enemies:  Cougars, Yankees, Lakers, Wolverines

Athletic Ability: Not a speck!

Sartorial Style: Business Casual at the office, Jeans/Shorts and some type of ND apparel at other times.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Iced Tea, Merlot (not nearly often enough), Carta Blanca, Tanqueray & Tonic.

Political Philosophy: Conservative leaning moderate, for the most part all these folks have sold their soul to get there so I really don't trust any of them.

Religious Philosophy: Cafeteria Catholic

Musical Favorites: 80's Modern Rock, U2, REM, etc. However I really like about anything based on my mood.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: "As I understand it, a Husky is a vicious animal" - Former ND Coach LTW

Miscellaneous Data: Born and raised a catholic kid in of all places Salt Lake City, Utah. Fell in love with Notre Dame as a basketball fan, because of going to Adrian Dantley's basketball camps during the summer as a kid. Converted to football because of the BYU Cougars. Decided not to apply to any Catholic colleges because I had enough religious education, silly me! Will earn ND MBA in May 2008