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Height:  Tall Weight:  Avg. lbs. Alumni Status:  Graduated from SMC in 1999
Location:  Columbus, Ohio Favorite Baseball Team:  Red Sox
Natural Enemies: 

Athletic Ability: A little. Basketball and golf.

Sartorial Style: Dress up for work.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Guinness on weekends. Water throughout the week. One Starbucks mocha each day.

Political Philosophy: Fiercely Independent (ok maybe not so fierce)

Religious Philosophy:

Musical Favorites: Foo Fighters, Maroon 5, Garbage, Led Zeppelin, The Who, pop music. I am all over the place with my taste in music.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: "On this team, we're all united in a common goal: to keep my job."
-Lou Holtz

Miscellaneous Data: I am as gay as a three dollar bill, or as Christmas...

I rarely get sayings right.