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Height:  5'8 Weight:  Yes lbs. Alumni Status:  ND-BSME-1970 + NROTC
Location:  Washington DC suburbs (MoCo,Md.) Favorite Baseball Team:  Yankees
Natural Enemies:  ?

Athletic Ability: Not much anymore though I just started getting back into golf finally in Oct. 2013
(Since i retired in July 2013) after 25 years of not playing. Only started in earnest though in late summer 2014.
Though not a HS or college athlete I did play intramural hoops at ND and played against Austin Carr, Sid Catlett, and Collis Jones. (ND did not allow frosh to play varsity so they could play in pick-up games).

Sartorial Style: Preppy, almost since birth, with a bit of outdoors interspersed now.
Since the "birth" of business casual I truly missed my tie and "braces (aka suspenders)" collection! Love a heavily starched shirt (2+ years as a Naval Officer influenced that).
Of course now, retired, more casual and outdoorsy.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: V8. I like many craft beers but do not drink alcohol much.

Political Philosophy: "so-it-goes"

Religious Philosophy: "yes" + "so-it-goes"i

Musical Favorites: Classic, progressive and psychedelic rock from the 60s and 70s, and a lot of music since with the exception of rap and country (though there are many talented folks in those genres). Like classical on occasion, some jazz, but not opera. Of course, ND Band, and Glee Club (was a member for three years).
I continue to collect vinyl LPs.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: Lou seems to have the "book" on them.

Miscellaneous Data: I retired after 41 years with the same company on July 31, 2013.
I have a great family. I am a lung cancer survivor since June 2001 (surgery date). Had no idea I had it until a very fortunate chest x-ray as part of a physical. Rough recovery time from the very invasive surgery. Yes, I did smoke. In 2007 again a chest x-ray showed another mass but in my right ling lower lobe. Though PET scan indicated malignancy after othroscopic surgery and analysius, benign. To add insult to injury faast forward to June 2017. Deja vu, regular chest x-ray as usual, bingo a mass in left lung again in lower lobe. PET showed it was possibly mailgnant. This time no surgery, had a biposy @ recommendation of surgeon, bingo - benign. Not sure what’s next!
I Enjoy: fly-fishing and fly-tying; kayaking on flat water; music (note above); reading; yard work. Haven't fished enough recently since I took up golf again.
My late father was involved in a family business in NYC that was next to the eventual World Trade Center site before it was built. The business also supplied the peanuts to Yankee, Shea, and Baltimore's Memorial Stadiums for many years.
I am belssed two two great sons, and their families have given us three excellent and wonderful grandchildren, two girls and one boy. Only regret is they are in Salt Lake City and Syracuse so no easy visits.