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Height:  6 Weight:  185 lbs. Alumni Status:  1961 (B.B.A. Accounting)
Location:  No VA Favorite Baseball Team:  Detroit Tigers
Natural Enemies:  Projects around the house

Athletic Ability: Not much any more. Every time I play softball (which I do year around), something else on my body breaks down.

Sartorial Style: No ties, no suits, blue blazer for funerals and weddings

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Australian wines

Political Philosophy: Free market.

Religious Philosophy: Semi-lapsed Catholic. Basically follow theology, ignore Vatican.

Musical Favorites: Elvis, Four Freshmen.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: Why the !@#$%&^ can't we run a simple quarterback kneel down play?

Miscellaneous Data: Semi-retired lawyer, involved grandfather, inept but determined softball player. Brother ND law alum; nephew class of 2009. Since recruiting at ND Law, school considers me law alum there as well.