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Height:  4'9" Weight:  lbs. Alumni Status:  '04, '06, '09
Location:  Favorite Baseball Team:  Red Sox
Natural Enemies:  Yankee fans

Athletic Ability: I enjoy sports, but the only somewhat-athletic thing I consider myself good at is swing dancing.

Sartorial Style: I prefer t-shirts and jeans/shorts, depending on the weather, but I seem to be dressing a tad nicer than that on most days. Darn job.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: chocolate milk, at least once a day.

Political Philosophy: Mostly conservative.

Religious Philosophy: Roman Catholic

Musical Favorites: Oldies, swing, comedy

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: "The morning we left South Bend, every student and professor was out of bed long before breakfast and marched downtown accompanying the team to the railroad station. It was the first time I'd seen anything like this mass hysteria generated on the Notre Dame campus over a football game." -Knute Rockne

Miscellaneous Data: Four years at ND wasn't enough so I did grad school.