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Height:  Weight:  lbs. Alumni Status:  ND 2008
Location:  Metro Detroit Favorite Baseball Team:  Cardinals
Natural Enemies:  extreme political viewpoints, fundamentalists, people who misuse your and you're, jerks, Sparty, Wolverines

Athletic Ability: played tennis and was on the swim team in high I more or less prefer to watch those who are definitely more athletic than myself

Sartorial Style: preppy casual, most of the time

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: gin, vodka, margaritas, dry wine

I drink a lot of hot chocolate and milk as well, and there's nothing like a nice cup of hot tea.

Political Philosophy: I suppose I am moderate...I fall on the liberal side of conservative, and the conservative side of liberal. I like to think that I an am accepting person in general.

Religious Philosophy: Antiochian Orthodox

Musical Favorites: I love baroque, classical, romantic, etc...Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, Bach, Mendelssohn, Hahn, and Poulenc are some of my favorites.

Queen is one of the greatest bands of all time.

Lately, I really love Adele and The Avett Brothers.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: "If you want to be happy for a day, eat a steak." -Lou Holtz

Miscellaneous Data: I am an attorney.

I am female.

I have a thing for argyle socks.

I am married to another NDN poster.

My favorite place to be at ND is making music in the basilica.